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Our Mission

Omphaloskepsis publishes and provides important works of eastern literature in print and in free digital format. .


For cross-platform compatibility and ease of use, our books are supplied in PDF format on our Authors page. Before viewing or downloading titles from our site, you must download the latest version of Adobe Reader.


Several texts from our collections are available as printed books and can be purchased by visiting our online Bookstore.


Our Authors page focuses on works of Persian literature. Authors include Attar, Rumi, and Saadi. Titles at our site may be downloaded and shared for personal use without restrictions. Commercial use of our titles is prohibited without prior permission.


Although several of the works at Omphaloskepsis are in the public domain, others are protected by copyright. In all cases, copyright for our PDF versions is held by Omphaloskepsis. Please contact us or consult the copyright page of selected titles for specific copyright information.

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